Engine Cooling Fans, Pumps & Compressors

You’re designing intricate HEV systems with space in mind. We’ve integrated the microprocessor supply in our high-powered gate drivers to enable smaller footprints and simplified 48V designs. Our industry-leading current sensors offer the lowest audible noise solutions available.

There’s no compromise needed when it comes to performance and space. Achieve system efficiencies and reduce your system’s footprint with our optimized motor control architecture and low loss current sensing technology.

Pumps, Compressors, Engine Cooling Application Diagram
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    3 Phase BLDC Gate Driver

    AMT49101– MOSFET Gate Driver with internal uC Supply
    A89500(x3) – 100V MOSFET Driver
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    Current Sensor

    ACS72981– Hall-Effect-Based Current Sensor Close
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    Angle Sensor

    A1333: Precision, High Speed, Hall-Effect Angle Sensor IC